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Over the past twenty years there have been technological advances in waterproofing materials and types of systems. 

Every project is specific and requires the correct membrane application to ensure a resilient and long lasting product that will meet the client’s standards.

Our in-depth knowledge and support from our suppliers allows us to have access to a wide range of products.This enables Geoseal to offer specialised waterproofing systems for all your needs including:

  • Water tanks
  • Basement and car parks
  • Balconies and Terraces
  • Retaining walls and planter boxesPicture15
  • Podium decks and courtyards
  • Roof tops and high traffic areas
  • Walkways


Selecting the correct membrane is crucial when completing a waterproofing project. We work with industry suppliers to ensure quality work with quality products and that are environmentally friendly.

In using products that are low in VOC’s, Geoseal is guaranteeing our dedication to the Australian environment by reducing carbon footprint in the future. Geoseal uses systems that are water and solvent based which complies within the Australian standards.